Welcome to the shadowy utopia of Wall Street Apes! Embark on a journey into a dangerous lands of riches in quest of the most profitable stonks and FDs.

This jungle is full of nefarious beasts who will hunt down apes for their beloved stonks and FDs. No predator is worse than the Market Maker, a mysterious figure with an unknown identity who rules the jungle with an iron fist. This wicked overseer believes that apes should only collect stonks when HE says they can, and will even force apes to sell to him at a very low price.

Even despite the Market Maker’s great power, we continue to fight back and for all the apes in the realm of Wall Street Apes! Market maker constantly oppresses apes with his army of bots and shills.

And remember, the apes together can fight against the Market Maker and his malicious minions!






Exclusive Collection


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    Presale (22th December)

    βœ…Times Square Billboard - We will be putting up a Billboard in NYC to let everybody know that the apes are still in control of the Jungle and ready to go head-to-head.

    βœ…Create intial prototypes to make your NFTS usable in metaverse
    (More details to come in early 2022)

    🍌 420 out of 2069 NFTS sold at 0.042 ETH (Public sale price will be 0.069 ETH)

    🍌 Legend has it that an ancient and extinct civilization, APELANTIS, has left behind 69 rare collection of art with mysterious powers scattered across the jungle. Who knows what – or where - these rare gems could possibly be?

    🍌 5 lucky whitelisters will get 0.069 ETH each through a transparent raffle.

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    🍌 As a token of appreciation for all the hard work that our community has dedicated to our NFT we are raffling off 0.069 ETH to 10 members.

    🍌 Our Community Grant will reward members with frequent contests, raffles, and promotions. We are always looking for ways to reward the most important people in the Ape-sphere: our community. We are in it for the long haul, and we hope that you are too!

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    🍌 Flaunt your inner ape - Wearables including Oculus, hoodies and shirts (made from eco-friendly material) gifted to 25 hodlers.

    🍌 0.420 ETH airdrop to 5 lucky members.

    🍌 Virtual AMA’s with vetted professional traders.

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    Take off!

    🍌 Exclusive access to professional traders and investors.

    🍌 Creation of DAO to ensure every hodler has a voice in the future of the project.

    🍌 The JUNGLE - Beeple inspired high quality collage of our collection.

    🍌 Collaboration with Artists, Blockchain Developers, and Game Developers to expand the Wall Street Apes meme-verse and integrate our NFTS into metaverse (Ongoing).

    🍌 Feel the art - fine art print giveaway to hodlers.

    🍌 Party like an Ape! Celebrate the beginning of a new era for Apes.

    🍌 The rest of the adventure will be determined by YOU, the community! We are in this for the long haul.

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Metaverse (A sneak peek)

The team


Golden Ape

Designer Gorilla


Marble Ape

Marketing Monkey


Silver Ape

Tech & Crypto Chimp